Our favourite themes

We have a wide range of themed tastings, suited for every taste - however adventurous!

Well-loved styles

These are beers that you probably know already like Newcastle Brown Ale. You'll taste beers from brewers who are putting a modern twist on these great styles. After this evening you’ll see them in a new light.

The New World

A fine selection of beers from the USA and Canada chosen to intrigue your taste buds. You’ll be able to buy most of them in the UK – if you know where to look. We can help!

For many years Belgium was seen as the place for beer. But now some people are saying that Belgian Beer is a bit too traditional and out of touch. We’ll give you 8 samples – you decide what you think. We’ll have a vote.

Brilliant Belgians


This is a massive category. You’ll try 8 beers that call themselves IPA and we’ll help you to decide if they are true to the style by explaining the history behind it. Some people might say ‘if I like it so what?’  Could that be a fair point?

A selection of 8 fantastic and challenging beers from Around the World. This is a permanent feature of our range because there are so many beers to choose that we can update the content frequently without running out of options.

World classics

Here’s a selection of 8 beers from some of Britain’s newest brewers. There’s lots of innovation in British brewing and this is where you’ll get a chance to try it out.

New kids on the block