This is what we do

All our tastings are hosted by Richard Morrice who is an internationally renowned beer expert with over 40 years’ experience gained travelling the World and judging beer competitions.

Off The Peg

We select the beers and the venue, provide the beers, snacks and tasting notes – you arrive at the agreed time and we do the rest. A 2 hour themed evening where you sample 8 very different beers. You’ll hear all about them and learn what makes them special.

As you work your way through them you’ll find out how professional beer tasters make their living.

Perhaps you could make it your next job!!

You be asked to rate the beers and you could win a prize in our beer trivia competition.

Made to Measure

We work together to create a unique event tailored to your specific requirements.

This is where you get to choose. You decide where you want the event to be held, the theme, the beers and the competition prizes. We’ll plan it together. From venue and beer selection to producing the tasting sheets and competition entry forms we’ll make sure it all goes without a hitch. The themes range widely – Great Britain v The Rest of the World, Chocolate themed beers etc.etc. We’ll combine your creativity with our knowledge – perfect.

These events work best with 20 people or more but smaller events are possible. We have done them with 250 people!

These events are great for wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate celebrations or any time you want to enjoy some great beer with friends or colleagues