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What we do

We run excellent beer tasting events that are engaging, informative and fun – Beers and Banter!

The atmosphere is informal, with themes ranging from beer styles (IPA, wheat beer, etc.) through to major beer producing countries (Belgium, UK and others) as well as important innovations. Everyone is encouraged to get involved and to support their favourite beer. That is where the banter comes in.

Each event features eight very different beers. We provide tasting notes, rating sheets, a competition and some snacks.

Our Events

Beers and Banter tasting events will leave you entertained, enlightened and with a greater appreciation of the world’s most popular alcoholic drink.

We have a range of well-crafted Discover Events which run all year round. There is something to suit everyone, whether they have just started learning about beer or are very knowledgeable and looking for a challenge. We usually have a group of about twenty people, but more can be catered for.

Discover Events
Bespoke Events

About the Host

Over the last 35 years Richard Morrice has worked in every aspect of the beer trade in the UK and overseas. He has learned a lot, made masses of friends in the industry and is passionate about great beers and the people who brew them.

At Beers and Banter events he shares lots of information in an engaging way. People enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the stories and of course the beers and competitions.