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Discover Beer: Beer and Brewing Introduction

This event will get you started on your beer journey. It is all about beer and the people who brew...

Discover Eight Great Yorkshire Beers

There are hundreds of great Yorkshire beers – we’ll have lots of fun making our selection! We’ll select beers from Sam...

Discover Lager: The Worlds Favourite Beer

You may be wondering what lager is doing in an event for beer connoisseurs? It’s true that big brewers have...

Discover Belgian Beer

Throughout the 20th Century Belgium was seen as the top country for brewing beer and there are so many great...

Discover Craft Beer

The theme of this Discover Event will change all the time but will always feature exciting craft beer. We’ll look at a...

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Very many thanks for a splendid evening on Friday. I have had great feed back from several of the attendees and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I'm sure we will speak again soon.

Gordon Williams
Event Host


Best beer tasting event I have attended – brilliant!!

Event Attendee


Very informative evening with interesting variety of beers. Good rapport and group participation.

Event Attendee


Excellent event, good varied selection of beers with fascinating stories on the origin of the brewery and beer. Would definitely recommend.

Event Attendee


A wonderful insight and gain of knowledge. An enthusiastic approach and delivery. Would make an excellent team building / corporate event.

Event Attendee


Lovely evening, nice beers, interesting banter.

Event Attendee

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