Discover Belgian Beer

Throughout the 20th Century Belgium was seen as the top country for brewing beer and there are so many great Belgian beer styles – Belgian ale, Flemish brown ale, Belgian Red ale, Saison, Belgian Golden ale, Trappist Beers, Abbey Beers.

It’s not easy to pick eight beers when there is so much choice – but we’ll do it. Breweries will be drawn from De Koninck, Liefmans, Rodenbach, Chimay and Orval amongst others. We’ll attempt to answer the question – ‘are Belgian brewers still a force to be reckoned with?’

This course costs £24 per person including VAT. All tickets must be booked in advance.

To see a list of the dates and venues for this event or to book your ticket please click the link below to visit Eventbrite.

Each of our tasting events features:

  • A theme, to pull everything together.
  • A carefully selected range of 8 beers, with a 10cl industry standard tasting sample of each one. This is enough to allow you to check out the colour, aroma and taste of the beer whilst not overloading your palate which would spoil your enjoyment.
  • Lots of background about the brewers and their breweries.
  • Banter (that's your job)!
  • A tricky competition, which can be undertaken as an individual or as a team of two. The prize is beer related and may include some interesting and rare books.
  • Some snacks.